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The Ares municipality, in the A Coruña province, celebrates the Corpus Christi festivity by manufacturing traditional flower carpets over which the procession passes on the day of Corpus. This event constitutes one of the best referents of this religious event in the Ferrol area, crowds of people assist to contemplate this ritual that goes back to the end of the XVII century. The procession march comes out of the San Jorge church once the afternoon liturgy is finished, and covers a stretch of about one kilometre long, going through the most central streets of the municipality, Real and Maria. The manufacturing of the carpets, in winch hundreds of people participate during several weeks, are made of thuja, pines, roses, carnations, hydrangea and myrtle. Besides, these flowers are combined with sand, rice and other elements that, once dyed, serve to give colour to the carpet. The Council of Ares collaborates with the Asociación Alfombra Floral (Flower Carpet Association), both economically and on the organization machine, for it puts into operation a special traffic device and fits out special areas for parking next to the port and in the vicinity of the local soccer field.
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