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4 years ago, a group of regulars of “O Emigrante” bar of Limodre had the idea of “irritating” their neighbours of Redes by kidnapping one of the icons of this exceptional inner port, the bartender of “A Pousada do Mariñeiro”, Emiliano.
Since that first attack by land, and, most of all, by sea, for which the neighbours make use of every runabout vessel that can cross the small distance between Rio Castro beach and the Ares port of Redes, the quarrels between both sides keep on repeating on the first and on the fourth Saturday of August, tingeing with humour a playful atmosphere that implies grown-ups and kids, each time in a greater number.
The organizers of that first kidnap could not have imagined that the story would go any further, to the point that in the last 2 years, besides the Ares and Fene Councils, several institutions of the Xunta de Galicia (regional government) got involved.
The number of enrolled increase every year. And so, in the last two editions, more than 600 people took part in the party, in which, by paying 12 Euros, you receive a commemorative T-shirt, a snack at Rio Castro beach and an invitation to a barbecue which is made in Redes by night, after the heat of the sea battle between the Vikings of Río Castro and the Pirates of Redes.
After the barbecue, there is music and prices to the best participant vessels and the best pirate costumes, the price being, of course, golden coins, kept, what other way could it be, in old pirate chests.
This festive piece of bravado, that started as a joke between friends, is heading to become one of the most attractive appointments in the leisure time of Ferrolterra.

Source: Diario de Ferrol

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