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Blessing of Buns: In Lubre, on “Easter Sunday”, the traditional Blessing of Buns is celebrated.

San José Feast: 1st, patron saint of the parish.

San Pedro: Cervás, June 29th.

Fair of San Antonio: Takes place in Seselle during the first two weeks of July.

Feasts of San Roque: Take place the on nearest Sunday to August the 16th.

Feasts of the Assumption: Are celebrated in Lubre on August the 15th.

Feasts of the Sea: Take place on August 20th, 21st, and 22nd. A maritime procession is made.

Our Lady of Mercy: In the hermitage of Our Lady of Chanteiro (Cervás). A popular fair is celebrated on September 24th, local feast of the municipality. The fair consist of a mess and a popular meal in the ground of the church of Chanteiro.

Ascension of Santa Olalla of Lubre: December 10th, is also a very crowded feast in which the statue of the Virgin is taken out of the temple.

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