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The Brotherhood of Jesus the Nazarene and Solitude of Our Lady, founded on may the 20th 1.958, is the organizer of the nine processions that each Easter are celebrated in Ares. This feast has a long tradition and takes root in the people, very possibly being the oldest of the area, as it is proved by the numerous statements preserved in the Local Archives. One of the first news that we have in the Archive about Easter dates from 1.645. The Easter ceremonies in Ares are simple, but warm loving.
The Encounter is full of simplicity, charm and sincere belief, without pomp or ostentation.
The most relevant act may be the VIA CRUCIS, on the early morning of the Good Friday.
It goes round the quiet streets of the town, stopping before the crosses placed on the walls of the houses, remembering the stations and the route of the Vía Dolorosa (Way of Suffering). It is worth to get up a little early and participate in this celebration of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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